Offset printing

Every time we talk about commercial printing, offset lithography is considered the best technology among printing methods. Offset printing is a highly efficient and cost– effective printing technique for business use in high-volume printings. P&P cardboard boxes supplier puts customer needs at the heart of our service to provide cutting edge, high quality print solutions, alongside expert support and rapid turnaround – at competitive prices.

Why do You need offset printing?

Offset printing has become the most popular technology in the commercial printing industry. It has some advantages, which make it still unique, in spite of the development of modern printing technologies like digital printing.

  • it is the best solution for professional printings with high image quality to produce sharp and clear images, which includes: newspapers, magazines, books, leaflets, catalogues and brochures,
  • total cost of offset printing is lower: the bigger the quantity, the lower the unit cost, so it is the best method for producing high quality prints in commercial printing quantities,
  • this printing technique works on a wide range of printing surfaces including: metal, leather, clothing materials, diverse types of papers,
  • offset printing enables ink control, modifying the density of the colour in the respective area of the image,
  • printing plates used in offset printing are quick and easy to produce.
offset printing

Why do you need P&P offset printing services?

Our company located in Poland offers professional printing services for international companies. We take the time to understand each customer’s unique requirements and seek to offer the best advice while keeping the competitive costs with the high quality of your print.
Our experience comes from working hard and the constant development of our company. The way our company changes, develops and improves services is driven by our customers requirements. We will cater for all your print needs with a really helpful staff and stay flexible at every level of business relationship.

Printed publications are still significant elements of marketing strategy for numerous entrepreneurs. It is a loud and clear voice of your company, conveying message about your products and services. It is especially important for local businesses aiming at making stronger bonds with their customers. Offset printing is the best way to accomplish it.



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