Calendars printing

Calendar printing is our offer, both for companies that want to promote their business, as well as for those who need calendars only for their own employees. Depending on the customer needs, a calendar can be used as an organizer, a notebook or as many other at a time. Proper preparation, composition and printing, make the final result always remarkable.

Select a calendar suitable for home and business purposes

Besides the traditional function of showing the dates, the calendar is a good medium for advertising. Depending on the form of advertising it may have a smaller or larger space with your photos, captions and logos, and the fact that it will be a wall or desk calendar of your potential customers, greatly increases his/her chances of reaching a wider audience by useful publication.

Among many possibilities available, we can offer you different calendar types:

  • wall calendars:
    • monthly – 12 leaf calendar, where only one month is visible at any given time. A striking layout makes it look favourably and can be a decoration and incentive to take advantage of your offer,
    • triple – includes three areas, which are typically set in order to see the previous, current and next month. Advertising space can be also large enough to include, among other things, eye-catching images,
  • desk planners – in a large format makes the planner on the desk a kind of notebook (i.e. during phone calls, meetings) and allows you to take careful notes. Exemplary versions are 26 pages (2 weeks on each page), 52 cards (one separate calendar page for every week of the year) and other,

as well as less standard calendars, created according to individual requirements. Depending on the type, the ways to bind pages can be various, for example aluminum ring binding or wire/spiral binding. The calendar may also serve as an interesting advertising space with the logo of your company, the picture, the quotes and essential messages.

calendars printing

What is worth paying attention while arranging the calendar printing?

Calendar printing is a job for a professional company, especially if they are going to be an advertising medium. Print Pack Poland offers a wide selection of cardboards and papers, on which we present a specific ultimate output, so you can decide on the final form and style of your calendars. You can provide us with your ideas and we will try to meet your expectations, but if you want to pass on our experience, we will also assist you in satisfying your needs.

Calendar, if properly designed and prepared, is a discreet and unobtrusive form of advertising. Giving calendars to your customers or business partners can serve as a useful and attractive gadget, build a positive image of your company, or carve out a place for your business in a competitive niche. When choosing calendar printing in Print Pack Poland you can be sure that you get the optimum product quality.