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Print Pack Poland takes all advantages of modern offset printing technology to provide different kinds of printing services. If you are looking for a reliable printing house to cooperate with, we can offer you an experienced staff and cutting edge printing presses to exceed your expectations.. Our experience in the production of small and large format printing knows no bounds: from pocket-sized flyers to large format posters.

P&P Poland: see what we can print for you

We are ready to put your ideas on the most popular and efficient printing products:

  • brochures - an excellent way to communicate a message or advertise a product to a specific customer,
  • catalogues - provide your customers with detailed information about your products and services,
  • leaflets - the most-cost effective way of an offline marketing,
  • calendars - a nice little reminder of your every day,

Whether you run a small business or a big company, you will frequently require high quality promotional and informational materials - often in large quantities. Whether it's a small bulk order or a large quantity print run, our offset printing house ensures vibrant colours, sharp details and a fantastic colour range.

printing house poland

Take advantage of offset printing

Offset printing technology is commonly used and best suited for large volumes of high quality prints. Although the process takes longer than using direct printing technologies, it is economically reasonable for larger orders. Ink flow can be controlled, which reduces the chance for wasting prints and modifies the density of the colour. As far as quality is concerned, offset printing is surprisingly better than digital printing, since it uses ink instead of toner. Offset printing makes colours deeper, richer and produces sharp and clean images. You have many paper types to choose from: matte, satin, high-gloss.

Why is offset printing cheap? Aluminum plates used in printing process are easy to make, durable, and have more than satisfying operational longevity, so even if you need one million copies, you pay only once. And the more copies you order, the less you’ll pay per copy.

Why to work with P&P when you are looking for a good printing house?

First of all, we take into account all the details, because we believe that every single element in the production process impacts overall quality. Our well-trained specialists will assist you to meet your expectations – best possible printings.

Second of all, we offer a comprehensive offset printing services. Just contact us and we will take matters into our own hands. However, you control our work at every level. We will provide qualified and professional staff until the completion of your order.

Just remember, every time you need high quality printed materials, our printing house will be always ready to fulfill your needs.



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