Pharmaceutical boxes

Pharmaceutical boxes enable the distribution and storage of medicines in an appropriate way. The original box, which contains medicines, should be kept until the consumption of the last dose. Thus, such packaging should be strong and functional. Print Pack Poland creates boxes both durable and safe to store medicines.

Important and practical features of pharmaceutical boxes

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the major consumers of pharmaceutical boxes on a global scale. Print Pack Poland can produce a specific box to your own specifications. Not only do we use different techniques in order to produce boxes in accordance with your expectations, but also we create boxes with a clean and reliable look to complement a product.

Tablets, syrups, ointments and other forms of medications require additional packaging. They are packed due to the policy of the pharmaceutical company or set down within the medicine directives. Robust box is additional.

When we produce pharmaceutical boxes we pay attention to:

  • protection against the physical and mechanical damage – customers of pharmacies are people who before buying the medicine often take a product from a shelf, read the information and put it away. The box should withstand such and similar situations, maintaining product integrity,
  • promoting the brand – a logo and medicine name of a manufacturer are more exposed on a medicine packaging than on a blister or bottle. Therefore, if you want to build a brand identity, choose the appropriate packaging,
  • the role of information– certain items of information are vital for the safe use of medicines. The information should be presented in a legible manner that is easily understood by all those involved in the supply and use of the medicine. The label should include the name of the medicine, expression of strength (where relevant) and route of administration. Also it is important to include the expiry date and the production date,
  • braille on labelling –the packaging should display the name of the medicine in Braille on the labeling available for blind and partially-sighted patients. It is already the standard way to label the packaging, which makes pharmaceutical boxes complete.

Modern packaging of medicines is the combination of functionality, resistance and durability, so choose the producer to cooperate with, arrange the production of packaging and take advantage of our comprehensive offer.

pharmaceutical boxes

When selecting pharmaceutical boxes we should also pay attention to:

In order to gain its final shape and appearance, a pharmaceutical packaging should go through specific actions. Before the production process starts, we determine whether the packaging will need a special coating foil or UV varnish, and whether unusual form of printing should be prepared (e.g. embossed letters are popular and obtained in 3D printing).

Print Pack Poland offers you a variety of possibilities. Our previous projects and experience allow us to prepare properly for many different productions of pharmaceutical packaging. We can offer you favorable prices, robust materials and the precision of final boxes. Contact us and explore the individual opportunities and attractive conditions of cooperation.

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