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P&P boxes for other industries is a branch of our activity that involves multiple fields and makes it possible to supply ready cardboard boxes for nearly any manufacturer on our market. If you conduct your own activity or production based on the sale of specific goods, you may need reliable boxes. We are at your disposal when it comes to this.

Unchanging quality in boxes for other industries

Cardboard boxes are a standard item in day-to-day life, as boxes for food products like rice, cookies and tea, but the right packaging significantly facilitates and improves day-to-day sales in other industries, improving brand image and encouraging Customers' trust at the same time. In this way, we strive to help you in your daily work.

We create custom packaging on the basis of individual arrangements for the following industries, among others:

  • chemical – a preparation properly secured in a glass or plastic bottle may have an additional cardboard box as a casing. We also offer boxes for laundry detergents and other cleaning agents,
  • motorization – boxes for: small and large spare parts for vehicles, elements of furniture, devices for workshops and diagnostic stations, and many others,
  • footwear – packaging for children's and adult footwear, in many sizes, according to the product assortment. Removable or deflected cover and the possibility of making ventilation holes are optional,
  • office – boxes for marketing gadgets stored at a company's headquarters or more decorative boxes used to distribute pens or keychains during exhibitions and fairs.

These are only some of the many possibilities we offer. Our rich selection of raw materials and capabilities of finishing ready boxes mean that we have no fixed limitations, and we can make any design or propose a satisfactory alternative.

boxes for other industries

Boxes for gifts and day-to-day use

Solid cardboard packaging and other forms of cardboard packaging are a modern way to store and transport products, so it is worthy of attention. Your order will be discussed in detail at the stage of preliminary arrangements; we will adapt to your guidelines or propose a beneficial solution if you rely on our opinion. Quality is our foundation, and we also care for all other aspects of cooperation.

If your products require additional cardboard packaging, you are always welcome to contact our company. It would be impossible to list all of the packaging we have produced - for both wine and engine cylinders. Everything depends on the our Customers' needs, which we prioritize.

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NiceBoxes cover many areas with boxes and accessories as chocolate & confectionery, gift cards, liquor and more.