Food packaging

We produce food packaging for both manufacturers of niche food industries and companies supplying products that are commonly used in Poland and abroad. The aesthetic packaging encourages sale and enables storage. Thus, if you are a food manufacturer looking for collaboration with a professional company, choose Print Pack.

Aesthetic design and safe food packaging

Cardboard material and ink that we use, as well as the ways of combining particular elements of food packaging ensure that ready boxes are safe and are suitable for direct food contact. In addition, their style meets your expectations. We can print any pattern you want, and irrespective of product the packaging complements the product.

Dry products packed in cardboard boxes include: rice, crispbread, cookies, tea and singular counterparts packaging, e.g. coffee sachets. Our goal is to select your box properly, which is why we focus on:

  • professional technical background –a modern industrial park to produce packaging with high quality printing press is at the core of our daily projects,
  • individual projects – each manufacturer has her/his own expectations as regards ready boxes, so we discuss the details carefully, before we start the production process,
  • complexity – our comprehensive collaboration incorporates many stages of production: from ordering specific cardboard boxes, to the process of enriching the surface (optional),
  • reliability – every order is carried out with attention to detail, because the final product in the form of a cardboard box is to increase the attractiveness of your product and its sale,

Cooperation with reputable manufacturers of raw materials and the use of high-quality finishing and printing enable us to take over the whole process of creating boxes, simultaneously respecting your free time.

Current trendy food packaging

The presence of food products in shops has already accustomed customers to coloured appealing boxes. The old greyness has been replaced with vibrant colours. The functionality of boxes has also increased, such as the possibility of opening boxes repeatedly without any damage to the structure. We always stay up-to-date with latest food industry trends, so we offer professional assistance if you have not decided yet on anything concrete.

However, if certain products have had “their” boxes for a long time, we will prepare their another batch without interfering with a the project. We will assist you in selecting the thickness of cardboard, colour of the upper or lower layer, and the type of printing with great  precision. If you choose our proposal of cooperation, you can be sure that the boxes will be tough, exceptional and ready on time.

Example products



NiceBoxes cover many areas with boxes and accessories as chocolate & confectionery, gift cards, liquor and more.