Display boxes

Display boxes are made of high quality cardboard and they are usually a permanent piece of equipment in shops and wholesale companies. Products contained therein, are properly exposed and available to clients and customers. Display boxes created in Print Pack are ready to be exposed.

Choose display boxes for your business

No matter where specific display boxes will be located, they should be durable enough to provide an aesthetic appearance of the structure until the end of sale or any promotional campaign. They are created so that self-assembly, placement and disassembly take you few moments, without reducing its stability. This is possible thanks to our thorough design project, which is selected to your individual needs.

When choosing our proposal you can decide on particular details of a display box, while the main guidelines include:

  • size - height and width is arranged individually, mainly in terms of space or area, where display box will be situated. We create both small constructions, and much larger with a definite quantity,
  • number of holes - option available for display boxes with nail polishes, lighters or other individual items for sale, size and location we will be arrange individually,
  • print - display boxes usually advertise specific products or services and have an informational function, consequently you can get specific information. The print is clear, we can also apply extra security,
  • additional elements - among others, there are some units prepared for the installation of illumination or storage for spare leaflets/products. Within individual arrangements we can offer other possibilities.

The production of display boxes is based on modern technologies, which allow to cut all the elements accurately, prepare for surface coating and ensure that a product is completed as it was intended. The whole process is controlled as expected to avoid any deficiencies.

display box

Selection of cardboard material and possibilities for display boxes

One of the many possibilities to select raw material is a standard cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and others, whose properties allow you to achieve a certain effect during the creation of display boxes. We give you the opportunity to choose, and if you have any further questions relating to the material, please do not hesitate to contact us. We know how it is important, therefore, we offer professional advice and guidance. The final result will meet your expectations.

Offset printing on cardboard boxes can properly decorate display boxes, providing them with a final look. We can also, upon your request, apply lamination or UV varnish, to make it look even more appealing and more efficient. In all areas of the production process we rely on our experience, thus the final product is a combination of accuracy and durability.



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