Cosmetic boxes

Investment in cosmetic boxes nowadays makes your products more appealing for your customers. Aesthetic packaging has proved a valuable addition to e.g. a face cream or a hair dye, and a cardboard box is a standard form of packaging in the cosmetic industry. Therefore, if you are looking for a producer of cardboard boxes for cosmetics, choose our services.

Effective cosmetic boxes by Print Pack

cosmetic-boxesModern cosmetic boxes ensure adequate protection against harmful effects of environmental factors, such as: harsh ceiling-mounted fluorescent lighting in stores or movement of products from shelf to shelf. Sturdy cardboard boxes, even with a low weight, withstand such factors successfully and will be a unique showcase of cosmetics on every display.

Today, many cosmetics are packed in boxes before they are sold. The quality delivered with the boxes created by P&P is at a highest level, so you can entrust us with cardboard boxes production.

Our boxes are:

  • aesthetic – precise cutting machines create each box with remarkable accuracy, whereas final production process is completed with the assistance of our experienced staff,
  • safe – cosmetics presented and stored in boxes retain their full properties thanks to the cardboard boxes that provide excellent protection for a variety of items. The harmful external factors are weakened,
  • wide selection – the type of packaging depends on the product, whether it’s a mascara, face cream, or body butter. That's why we always determine the shape, size and color of cosmetic boxes individually,
  • on time – we only set realistic deadlines, so the specified batch of products can be packaged in already prepared boxes. Orders are prepared by prior preparation of our printing house to start producing your boxes.

Cosmetic boxes are located in both the segment of "premium" as well as among the standard amenities of daily use, so depending on your production profile we will propose the appropriate packaging material, style and shape.

Production of cosmetic boxes – the highest levels of services using our state of the art equipment.

Each step of the production process that leads to create the cosmetic boxes is carefully planned and implemented with attention to detail. First, we select a proper form and weight of a cardboard box, then we set the cutting and printability, and finally cut out the boxes to make them ready to use. By entrusting us with all of these activities carried out in our company you can be sure that we respect your time.

Among all of our cardboard packaging products, boxes for cosmetics serve their purpose until the cosmetic is purchased and unpacked. Cardboard boxes make the cosmetics aesthetically more appealing on the shelves. With Print Pack cardboard producer it is always possible.

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